Can I get 1000 euro loans without a payslip? Not always who is looking for a loan needs important figures: often the required money is needed to face an unexpected expense that, although not very high, risks creating some difficulties of too, especially to those who cannot count on a fixed income such as salary or pension. We often hear of loans without pay, but there is still a lot of confusion on this subject: is it really possible to obtain a loan without guarantees? We try to find out and take a look at the proposals of the main credit institutions for a loan of 1000 euros without payroll.

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Before granting a loan, all credit institutions ascertain the applicant ‘s repayment capacity; for this reason they check whether the potential customer has very specific requirements; these are more or less the same for all institutions, namely:

  • aged between 18 and 70 or 75,
  • residence in the Italian territory,
  • presence of a provable income.

When one thinks of the document that attests to the presence of an income, the first thing that comes to mind is the paycheck, or the prospectus that the employer provides to his employee when he pays his salary. The document contains various information such as the data of the worker and the employer, the reference period, the gross and net remuneration (with an indication of the fixed and variable elements that make it up) and the various deductions.

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Loans without payroll of 1000 euros, as you can easily guess from the name, are those loans designed for those who are not employees and therefore do not regularly receive a salary. More and more people find themselves in conditions of this kind (the permanent job for many is only a mirage), so even the banks and finance companies over the last few years have shown themselves to be slightly more flexible towards this category of potential customers, maintaining obviously a high degree of caution; it is unlikely that those who do not have a payslip will be able to obtain particularly high amounts, but given that we are interested in obtaining loans of 1000 euros without a payslip there should not be too many complications. However, we must make a necessary clarification: without a payslip it is not synonymous with no guarantees: no credit institution is willing to lend money unless it is certain (or almost) to get back the sums paid out.

Alternative guarantees to be presented in the absence of salary for loans of 1000 euros

The concept of alternative guarantees then comes into play; in the absence of a regular salary, the applicant must in any case reassure the bank or the financial company about his ability to repay the money received on loan. There are different types of alternative guarantees and the most common are:

  • home mortgage : just like for mortgages, it is possible to offer a property as a guarantee; in reality this solution is not particularly appreciated by credit institutions, given that with loans without payroll they prefer to pay small sums and if the value of the property is too high compared to the loan, in case of non-payment, return to possession of the sums lent could be particularly expensive in terms of time and energy;
  • pledge : it is a solution that has always existed; to receive a sum of money on loan, they are given as a guarantee of valuable goods (obviously the sum paid will be decidedly lower than the value of the object committed); in case of non-payment the creditor becomes the owner of the asset in pawn and can decide to sell it to recover the money;
  • bills of exchange : this credit was used a lot in the past and in recent years is back in fashion; Loans without payroll receivables provide for payment of installments through bills of exchange. These are enforceable securities, so if the debtor does not meet the deadlines, the creditor has the possibility of foreclosing the debtor’s assets without having to wait for injunctions or convictions. The most important credit institutions do not provide loans of this type (at least officially), while there are realities above all at the local level that deal with this type of financing. For the debtor they are not very convenient, given that the interests are higher than normal loans and the risk of being seized by assets is too high;
  • income or other fixed income : if you do not have a salary, but you have a fixed and constant income over time, it is possible that the bank accepts the loan application (obviously if the requested sum is adequate for the income). The fee that is received for a rented property, the financial income of an investment or the maintenance check regularly paid by the ex-spouse can be convincing “weapons”;
  • guarantor : this is the solution preferred by banks and finance companies when it comes to loans without envelopes; the guarantor is a person who undertakes to pay the loan repayment installments if the principal debtor does not. The guarantor must present certain requisites and for this reason this measure deserves a little further study.

The figure of the guarantor in the 1000 euro loan without payslip

As we have said, the guarantor is a natural or legal person who undertakes (by signing a surety agreement ) to pay the loan repayment installments in the event that the principal debtor is unable to meet his obligations. This means that if the beneficiary of the loan does not meet a deadline, the institution that provided the loan will contact the guarantor to request the amount due. The guarantor on his part is obliged to reimburse the institution on behalf of the principal debtor, otherwise he also runs the risk of meeting the precept and the consequent attachment of the assets. Obviously the bank to accept the request for financing without a payslip with guarantor claims that the person proposed as guarantor has specific requirements of credit reliability and financial soundness.

The guarantor must have a good income and must be considered a good payer (it must not therefore be reported in Crif ); in some cases there are age limits (more or less the same as those required for those who ask for a traditional personal loan: they must be aged between 18 years at the time of the request and 70 or 75 years at the end of the plan refund); surely if he is the owner of a property at the bank he does not mind and it must also be taken into consideration that in order to evaluate the guarantor’s ability to repay the institution will check even if he has other loans in progress and if he is able to cope without difficulty with all his obligations. Given the obligations and risks that those who accept to act as guarantor take on, in most cases the closest relatives of the applicant take on this role (for example the parent for the child, the husband for the wife and vice versa), but from the point In view of the bank, the type of link that exists between the two debtors is irrelevant: the important thing is that the guarantor is solid and reliable.

Who are the 1000 euro loans without guarantees?

There are many subjects who may be interested in loans without payroll: in practice, if we exclude people who have an employment contract, all the others do not have the opportunity to present the payslip to the credit institution. In reality, if one goes to read the requisites demanded by the banks and the financial institutions, one refers more generically to an ” income document “. This means that pensioners transmitting their payslips and freelancers by sending the Unico form accompanied by the payment receipt have the possibility of accessing traditional personal loans. That said, there are still many categories that remain excluded: the unemployed, housewives, students, young entrepreneurs, self-employed workers and irregular workers are the main recipients of loans without payroll. It must be said that for some of these categories there are ad hoc loans (for example we think of honor loans for students or some specific forms of financing for housewives), but they are not always available to everyone.

Loans 1000 euros without payroll: the solutions of banks and financial institutions

Who can find a solid and reliable person willing to act as guarantor shouldn’t have big problems getting a 1000 euro loan without pay ; on the contrary, in situations of this type it is possible to access the loans on the same conditions as those offered to those who request a normal personal loan. To test the pulse of the market at this time it is possible to make a comparison between the different estimates proposed by the various banks and financial institutions.

Bank 1000 euro loan without payslip

A 1000 euro loan can be repaid in 18 months with installments of 59.80 euros. The Tan is fixed at 9.44 and the Taeg is fixed at 9.86%. The total amount due by the applicant amounts to € 1,076.40.

Loans without payslip Bank of 1000 euros

This financial allows you to choose between several alternatives, in fact you can choose to repay the loan from 1000 euros without payroll in:

  • 6 months with installments of € 169.55 (Tan 5.91% and Taeg 6.07%; the total to be repaid amounts to € 1,017.30);
  • 9 months with installments of 113.86 euros (Tan 5.90% and Taeg 6.07%; the total to be repaid amounts to 1,024.74 euros);
  • 12 months with installments of 86.02 euros (Tan 5.90% and Taeg 6.07%; the total to be repaid amounts to 1,032.24 euros);
  • 15 months with installments of € 69.43 (Tan 5.91% and Taeg 6.07%; the total to be repaid amounts to € 1,039.80);
  • 18 months with installments of € 58.19 (Tan 5.91% and Taeg 6.07%; the total to be repaid amounts to € 1,047.42);
  • 21 months with installments of 50.24 euros (Tan 5.91% and Taeg 6.07%; the total to be repaid amounts to 1,055.04 euros);
  • 24 months with installments of € 44.28 (Tan 5.91% and Taeg 6.08%; the total to be repaid amounts to € 1,062.72);
  • 36 months with installments of € 30.38 (Tan 5.91% and Taeg 6.07%; the total to be repaid amounts to € 1,093.68).

Younited Credit loans without pay from 1000 euros

This institute also allows you to choose from several possible options; for example a 1000 euro loan required to obtain liquidity (you can choose between several projects) can be repaid in:

  • 6 months with installments of 168, 37 euros (Tan 3.50% and Taeg 7.69%; the total to be repaid amounts to 1,010.22 euros);
  • 12 months with installments of € 84.99 (Tan 3.66% and Taeg 7.70%; the total to be repaid amounts to € 1,019.88);
  • 24 months with installments of 43.32 euros (3.77% Tan and 7.69% Taeg; the total to be repaid amounts to 1,039.68 euros);
  • 36 months with installments of € 29.47 (Tan 3.88% and Taeg 7.70%; the total to be repaid amounts to € 1,060.92);
  • 48 months with installments of € 22.73 (Tan 4.34% and Taeg 7.40%; the total to be repaid amounts to € 1,091.04);
  • 60 months with installments of € 18.62 (Tan 4.45% and Taeg 7.20%; the total to be repaid amounts to € 1,117.2):
  • 72 months with installments of € 15.96 (Tan 4.68% and Taeg 6.99%; the total to be repaid amounts to € 1,149.12).

Private Bank loans 1000 euros without payroll

For amounts up to 1,500 euros this institute has created a liquidity reserve that is always available, which is automatically regenerated when the customer reimburses the credit portion used: the product name is small credit. The installments are fixed (they can be 50 euros or 100 euros based on the accumulated debt) and the maximum Taeg is set at 23.30%.

1000 euro BPER Bank loan without payslip

To get one thousand euros you can request the Mini Loan, which allows you to get amounts between 1,000 and 3,000 euros to be repaid with repayment plans with a minimum duration of 12 and a maximum of 36 months; the interest rate is fixed at 9.90%, while the Taeg can vary from a minimum of 11.63% to a maximum of 14.71%. There are no preliminary investigation and stamp duties.

Fast Credit loan 1000 euros without payroll

The bank provides an interesting solution for those looking for such small amounts: pre-valued account holders who have activated the Internet Banking service can apply for Easy CreditEasy loan directly from their smartphone thanks to the Mobile Banking application; amounts between 1,000 and 5,000 euros can be requested, with repayment plans that can go for a minimum of 12 months to a maximum of 36 months, with the Tan remaining fixed at 6.90%.

Bank Loan without payroll of 1000 euros

The Bank Mini Loan is reserved for Pay Credit card holders; this loan allows you to obtain amounts between € 1,000 and € 3,000, with a repayment plan that has a fixed term of 22 months. Those who request one thousand euros must reimburse them in 22 months with monthly installments of 50 euros (the customer must therefore return a total of 1,100 euros).

Comparison of estimates and loan request of 1000 euros without payroll

These were just a few examples of loans of 1000 euros without payroll; those interested in knowing the rates proposed by other institutes and obtaining more estimates can make a tour among the various branches or take advantage of the many tools made available on the web; by now most of the official websites of the most important banks and financial institutions are equipped with a loan simulator : by entering the amount you want and indicating the duration of the repayment plan, you get the financing estimate. In order to make an immediate comparison it is also possible to use the so-called comparator portals : there are several and many of these are particularly reliable; also in this case it is sufficient to enter some data on the desired loan (project to be carried out, amount, duration) and some personal information to obtain the estimates of several institutions in a few moments, so as to have a more complete overview.

Many people look at the Tan carefully when they compare the different solutions: this is the nominal annual rate (that is, the interest that is paid to the bank) and is an important fact, but to understand what is the most convenient proposal one must be careful especially at the Taeg, which is the annual percentage rate; this takes into account the interests and all the other charges related to the loan, therefore it is able to express the total cost of the transaction at its best.