This DIY little house is partially assembled and as easy to assemble as your IKEA furniture!


Wil Fidroeff is an Illinois-based designer who has been helping people build their own dome for 30 years by involving them in the process and making it profitable! He founded Faze Change Produx, the company responsible for creating DIY dome-shaped homes that can be constructed from wood and thermoplastic polyolefin (a type of low-cost, very durable, single-ply roofing material). Dubbed EconOdome, each frame’s triangle frame and panel kits come pre-cut and partially assembled with step-by-step instructions – so better than IKEA and you get an entire house instead of just a sofa!

EconOdome homes are built in the same way as conventional homes involving a foundation and the ground floor. Once this is in place, the vertical walls and the roof are added. There are 130 triangular roofing elements that connect to form the dome which has 10 equal sides. To minimize waste, the DIY kit pieces are cut to fit precisely with no additional work required for this purpose. The wood also comes with pre-drilled holes for screws and stainless steel caps for easy assembly. The company’s 26-foot fully-insulated model sells for around $ 18,000, and their smaller 13-foot option is an option for those working on a more reasonable budget. The larger two-story model spans just over 800 square feet and includes a fully-equipped kitchen on the first floor and a bedroom on the top floor. The bedroom area also includes a half bathroom and space for a home office or additional storage space. EconOdome homes are available in white, beige and light gray and the interiors of each home are finished with exposed wood. Those who live in tropical climates can even add hurricane panels made of three layers of 3/4 inch plywood and a vent at the top to ventilate heat and humidity.

“Our two most popular types of frame kits are the ‘T-Beam’ frame kit, which features an exposed wood interior, and the more economical ‘Basic’ frame kit. The third type of frame kit is called the “Double Dome”. A double dome frame kit can consist of two basic 2 × 4 EconOdome frame kits (one dome inside a larger dome). Or, a Double Dome can consist of a Basic EconOdome 2 × 4 outer frame kit plus a T-Beam EconOdome inner frame kit. EconOdome frame kits are most often used to build a two-story house on top of a 10-sided perimeter riser wall, ”says Fidroeff, aka Bob The Builder! I would love to see these domed homes include clean energy options and water harvesting systems so people can build their own sustainable communities.

Designer: Wil Fidroeff

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