Highly Rated Carbon Steel Dish Drainer From KitchenAid Now $ 25 (Up To 50% Off) And More From $ 8


Woot now has a host of notable cookware deals from KitchenAid, RachaelRay, Cuisinart, and more with deals starting at $ 8 Premium shipped. Otherwise, a $ 6 delivery charge will apply. The KitchenAid Low Profile Dish Rack for $ 24.99. Regularly $ 50 and currently $ 45 at Amazon, that’s up to 50% off the going rate and the lowest total we can find. A perfect option for small kitchens or to mark extra rack space for summer cookers, it has a space-saving design that makes it easy to store away as well as a metal frame construction to give dishes some extra space. space to breathe. Features include “utensil rack, space for bowls and glasses, crockery slots and cup hooks.” Carbon steel construction and an angled drain spout complete the package here. Rated 4 stars and above by nearly 11,000 Amazon customers. More details below.

You Could Save Money With This Sweet Home Collection Dish Drainer At A Little More $ 18 Premium shipped. But if you’re anything like me, have a few $ 6 Drying pads in the cabinet are really all you will need for big meal cleanups etc. They can really come in handy when there is too much for the dishwasher / drying rack or just when you’re looking to avoid leaving dishes in the machine for too long.

Be sure to browse the rest of today’s Woot cookware sale for additional deals from $ 8. You will find kettles, coffee makers, food containers, storage and much more.

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Learn more about the KitchenAid Low Profile Dish Rack:

  • COMPACT RACK: the dishwasher is sized to fit small kitchen counter spaces
  • OPEN DESIGN: Metal frame construction provides leeway for air drying
  • ROOM FOR VARIOUS DISHES: the rack includes a utensil holder, space for bowls and glasses, slots for dishes and hooks for cups
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The metal frame bracket is made of carbon steel; the utensil holder and the tray are made of plastic

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