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Here are the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office Uniform Incident and Violation Reports from April 20-28:

April 20

-Various info from Chelsea Park Trail 9000 block, Chelsea.

April 21th

-First degree property theft of the 1000 block of Norman Drive, Birmingham. Cash in the amount of $ 87,030 was stolen.

April 22

– Criminal mischief in block 200 of Shadow Drive, Alabaster. A motorhome outlet valued at $ 350 was damaged.

– Illegal possession of second degree marijuana, illegal carrying of a US 280 East pistol at Key Drive, Birmingham. An American Tactical gun, suspected marijuana (13 grams) and two black ski masks were confiscated.

-Fourth degree property theft from the 300 block of Copper Road, Columbiana.

-Various incident in the 1000 block of Park View Drive, Chelsea.

-Fourth degree theft of block 16000 of US 280, Chelsea. Bushnell binoculars valued at $ 74 were stolen.

– Criminal mischief of the 1800 block of Stone Brook Lane, Birmingham. A glass patio door and a protective fence were damaged.

-Animal bite from the 900 block of Mimosa Road, Leeds.

-Public poisoning, reckless endangerment of block 40 of Chelsea Point Drive, Chelsea. A used syringe, two vials of propofol and one vial of phenylephrine hydrochloride were confiscated.

-Identity theft in the 3000 block of Riverwood Terrace, Birmingham.

-Identity theft in the 200 block of Narrows Drive, Birmingham.

-Identity theft in the 5100 block of Weatherford Drive, Birmingham.

-Identity theft in the 2000 block of Buckboard Road, Birmingham.

– Sexual Abuse of Shelby County 51 Block 9700, Sterrett.

-Incident at block 300 of Hebb Road, Wilsonville.

-Identity flight from the 1000 block of Stagg Run Trail, Indian Springs Village.

-Burglary Third Degree, Third Degree Property Theft of Block 200 of Shadow Drive, Alabaster. A chainsaw valued at $ 110, two necklace chains valued at $ 400 and two pairs of Jordan shoes valued at $ 200 were stolen.

– Criminal mischief, unlawful breaking and entering of a motor vehicle from the 200 block of Shadow Drive, Alabaster. Two ropes valued at $ 300, a digital counter valued at $ 125, an electric chainsaw sharpener valued at $ 40 and a cordless drill valued at $ 30 were stolen; a padlock and the exterior of the motorhome valued at $ 200 were damaged.

-Home Violence-Harassment, Harassment Communications from Shelby County 61 Block 5000, Columbiana.

23 april

– Shoplifting from Shelby County 71 4600 block, Shelby. Two fishing lures worth $ 15 were stolen.

-Harassment, trespassing on block 100 of Hollybrook Lane, Columbiana.

-Incident of block 100 of Gable Lane, Montevallo.

– Incident of an unnamed place. A rear door window was damaged.

-Identity theft of block 100 of Weeping Circle, Wilsonville.

-Identity theft from an unknown location.

-Identity theft in the 2000 block of Eagle Point Court, Birmingham.

– Domestic violence – third degree harassment from Shelby County 335 300 block, Chelsea.

-Communication of domestic violence harassment from the 700 block of Meadow Drive, Birmingham.

-First degree property theft of block 600 of Camp Branch Road, Alabaster. A 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 valued at $ 10,000 has been stolen.

-Provision, illegal possession of a controlled substance from an unknown location.

– Willful abuse of a child under 18 by a person in charge of the 2000 block of Buck Horn Cv., Birmingham.

-Domestic survey of the 2200 block of Springfield Loop West, Birmingham.

April 24

-Damage to property in the 7500 block of South Main Street, Wilsonville. A vehicle quarter sign was damaged.

-Theft of property of the 1000 block of Altadena Rise, Birmingham. A 2006 Scion XB has been stolen.

-Home violence-assault, domestic violence by strangulation or suffocation of the 100 block of White Oak Trail, Columbiana.

-Home violence in Block 10 of Brush Creek Farm, Columbiana.

-Juvenile Runaway from Block 10 of Brush Creek Farm, Columbiana.

-Wade Drive 300 block incident, Wilton.

-Juvenile Runaway from Block 10 of Brush Creek Farm, Columbiana.

April 25

-At the crash scene at the 800 block of 4H Road, Columbiana. A 2018 GMC Yukon has been damaged.

– Animal incident from Cahaba Valley Road to Jasmine Hill Road, Birmingham.

-Various information from the 5100 block of Colonial Park Road, Birmingham.

-Home violence-harassment from the 1000 block of Park View Drive, Chelsea.

-Menacing of the 1000 block of Merry Fox Farms Road, Albaster.

-Damage to property at block 100 of Shelby County 462, Sterrett.

April 26

– Fraudulent use of a credit card from the 3100 block of Inverness Lane, Birmingham. $ 3,000 was stolen via Visa credit card charges.

-Various from Lay Lake, Shelby.

-Theft of property of the 4600 block of Alabama 119, Montevallo. Several saplings and shrubs worth $ 550 were stolen.

-Identity theft, theft of property in the 12000 block of Kenley Way, Birmingham. $ 3,008.50 was stolen.

-Identity theft in the 300 block of Oakmont Terrace, Birmingham. An unemployment claim was falsified.

-Identity theft 1 block from McGuire Lane, Pelham.

-Unauthorized use of motor vehicle in Shelby County 55, Westover 10600 block.

– Illegal possession of controlled substance, illegal possession of marijuana from Raines Rum and Shelby County 41, Birmingham. A Black Hand K P30L handgun, an Adderall half pill, suspected marijuana (10.3 grams), a metal grinder and a blue glass pipe were confiscated.

– Illegal possession of controlled substance, illegal possession of marijuana from US 280 and Hugh Daniel Drive, Birmingham. A green leafy substance found in a mason jar – marijuana (2.8 grams), two rubber containers with a yellow waxy substance (1 gram), dulls with a green leafy substance – marijuana (1, 7 grams), a metal crusher and a rubber and metal hose were confiscated.

-DUI-Alcohol, open container from US 280 West at Brook Highland Parkway, Birmingham.

– Harassment of block 31000 of Alabama 25, Wilsonville.

– Illegal possession of controlled substance, illegal possession of marijuana in block 3800 of Alabama 25, Montevallo. A small plastic bag containing suspected marijuana and two Xanax bars were recovered.

– Harassing communication from the 100 block of Davis Street, Wilsonville.

-Disecration, degradation of the cemetery monument, criminal mischief of Marigold Road and Garden Lane, Shelby. Two gravestones were damaged.

April 27

– Domestic violence assault from the 9000 block of Kenley Way, Birmingham.

-Domestic survey of the 800 block of Turtle Lake Drive, Birmingham.

-Various information from the 1300 block of Morning Sun Circle, Birmingham.

-Criminal surveillance of block 100 of Merrywood Lane, Sterrett.

-Motion to revoke link-UPOCS, carrying Alabama 25 concealed weapon, Vincent. A 9 millimeter Taurus handgun with magazine has been reported.

-Shelby County 47 and Water Works Street drug paraphernalia, Columbiana. A glass pipe with white and brown residue was confiscated.

-Third degree domestic violence-second degree criminal mischief, harassment from 4300 block of Alabama 119, Montevallo. A 2001 Honda Accord sustained $ 2,500 in damage.

-Theft of the 18000 block property of Shelby County 43, Chelsea. A 2020 Laramore utility trailer valued at $ 2,000 has been stolen.

-Incident at an unknown location in Shelby County.

– Scary communications from the 2900 block of Buck Horn Cove, Birmingham.

– Illegal possession of marijuana from block 60 of Chelsea Corners Way in Benson Plaza, Chelsea. The marijuana (3 grams) was confiscated.

April 28

– Shelby County 43, Vandiver Block 2600 incident. A 2014 Dodge Ram ambulance was damaged.

-Domestic survey of Block 2400 of Shelby County 9, Wilsonville.

– Domestic survey of block 100 of Stoneridge Lane, Sterrett.

-Park View Drive block 1000 incident, Chelsea.

-Theft of property of the 800 block of Meadow Drive, Birmingham. A wallet and its contents were stolen.

– Juvenile runaway from block 100 of Old Brook Place, Birmingham.

-Bradberry Lane 300 block incident, Birmingham.

-The illegal possession of marijuana from the 100 block of Kentwood Drive, Alabaster. Marijuana (51.2 grams) was recovered.

-Criminal trespassing of block 6500 in Shelby County 71, Shelby.

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