Top 30 signs of a perfect neighbor include saying hello and taking deliveries for you


The Perfect Neighbor always says “hello,” from signs for deliveries – and warns the streets of noise at DIY or home parties, a study found.

Researchers have identified the top 30 attributes of an ideal neighbor, such as never parking in front of someone else’s house and putting away trash cans when they are away.

Other signs include inviting locals for a glass of wine, quickly fixing fences between gardens, and sharing locally grown fruits and vegetables.

It also appeared that more than three-quarters believed they already had “perfect” neighbors and 69% would even describe themselves as such.

The average Briton typically rates their neighbors at seven out of 10, with 40% feeling ‘lucky’ to live next to them.

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Neighbors can become friends (stock image)

But not everyone is so lucky, with the signs of a bad neighbor including throwing garbage in the yard, playing loud music, and not cleaning up after their pet.

The 2,000-person poll was commissioned by Barefoot Wine as part of its Neighbors to Knowbors campaign, which seeks out the most unique neighborhood in the country.

By celebrating their neighbors, Brits have the chance to win a mural dedicated to their community and the unique characters it contains, created by famous illustrator Alice Skinner.

A spokesperson for Barefoot Wine said, “It’s literally lucky who we end up living with, so it’s great to see how many people feel positive about their neighbors and their community.

Woman helping senior neighbor remove jar lid
Helping Others Can Help You (stock image)

“Especially over the past year, neighbors have often been the only people we have communicated face to face.

“So many communities have gathered around a glass of wine with bare feet, whether over the fence or in the garden for a glass of wine.

“We want to embrace the community spirit and encourage people to celebrate their neighborhood as part of the search for the most unique neighborhood in the country.

“The study found people Britons would most like to live alongside doctors, chefs and actors, and even a wine connoisseur, so it will be wonderful to hear about the unique characters that make up the communities across the country. “

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Research has also found that other signs that a person is the perfect neighbor include keeping an eye out for “ suspicious ” behavior, such as someone looking out your windows and simply asking how you are doing. are when he sees you outside.

Others consider offering to cut your grass when mowing their own lawn and loan you tools to be ideal traits.

Letting neighbors have ingredients like milk and sugar, taking your empty bins from the side of the road, and offering to buy items when they do their grocery shopping were also the first 30 signs.

The characteristics that make up a perfect neighborhood also included clean streets (59%), friendly people (61%), and plenty of parking (45%).

Another 17 percent said unique characters help build the ideal community.

It has also emerged that it usually takes nine months of life somewhere before you can trust your neighbors.

But nearly two-thirds believe they know their neighbors ‘well’ and trust them to take their deliveries (60%), water their plants (34%) and have a spare key for their house (30%) .

The study found that since the lockdowns began, 27 percent have spoken more often with their neighbors and 18 percent have noticed an improvement in relationships with the people they live nearby.

Neighbors helped each other with gardening (13%), organized socially distant street parties with their community (12%) and went for a walk together (14%).

Top 30 signs of a perfect neighbor

1. Always say hello
2. Supports your deliveries if you are not
3. Keep an eye on your home when you are on vacation
4. Signs for your deliveries if you are not
5. Ask how you are
6. Tells you if they see anything suspicious eg someone looking in your windows
7. Notifies you of any DIY / renovation work, for example an extension
8. Pick up your bins after they’ve been emptied if they know you’re not home
9. Notifies you of house party / loud music
10. Parks outside their own home rather than others
11. Quickly fix things that could have an impact on you, for example a broken fence between your gardens
12. Offers of assistance to elderly or vulnerable neighbors
13. Pre-warns you of a bonfire / fireplace
14. Put the bins in your place on the day of the baccalaureate
15. Lends you tools for DIY or gardening, eg hammer, hammer
16. Cleans common areas, for example, sweeps leaves in front of your two houses
17. Pick up trash if it gets thrown on your lawn
18. Gives you home grown fruits and vegetables
19. Help start your car
20. Lends you food / ingredients when you are low on sugar, eg milk
21. Water your plants in the front if they are watering theirs.
22. Invites you for a glass of wine
23. Offers of assistance with the purchase of food products
24. Offers to mow your lawn
25. Helps you change a tire
26. Pet-sits
27. Delivers you a weekend newspaper if you can’t get it yourself
28. Cooked for you
29. Offer to wash your car if they wash theirs
30. Walk your dog

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