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GP Agencies, agent for Hawkeye Borescopes in South Africa is delighted to announce the availability of the new Hawkeye Borescopes V3 HD video endoscope. Building on the popular V2, the Hawkeye V3 HD incorporates a significant technological advancement to set a new standard in image quality, product build and functionality.

The Hawkeye V3 HD Video Endoscope is a high definition articulated video endoscope perfect for various applications in aviation, industry and construction. The combination of the unit’s HD CMOS micro camera, HD touchscreen and IMX6 image processor results in crisp and clear images with excellent resolution, contrast and color rendering.

The Hawkeye V3 HD Video Endoscopes also offer WiFi capability to display images on iPhone and iPad, along with sophisticated image processing software, center and edge weighting and glare reduction features. Dr. Doug Kindred, president and chief scientist of manufacturer Gradient Lens, describes the 4mm HD videoscope as having “the best picture quality on the market today, at about half the price of major competitors in the United States, Japan and the United States. Germans ”.

The V3 uses the latest display technology, with a 5.5 inch HD touchscreen, high brightness and readable in daylight. It has a built-in bright LED light, a servo-driven joystick-operated joint, and a six-hour battery life. Optional accessories include 90 degree close focus tips, stand, neck strap, stiffening tubes and spare battery. 6m and 8m long goggles that can be used for cell inspection are under development.

These oscilloscopes do not require calibration, which simplifies use and with an intuitive interface, training requirements are minimal. Unlike many endoscope products on the market, Gradient Lens Hawkeye endoscopes are made in the USA, ensuring a rigorous quality control process. The V3 is a well-constructed endoscope that is durable as long as it is used within its parameters and proper care is taken when handling the equipment.

It is important to keep in mind that in articulated endoscopes, in the 4-6mm diameter, you have a tiny 2mm diameter HD camera with objectives, circuit boards, optical fibers for lighting and the tiny vertebrae needed for the joint attached to the tungsten guidewires. This is then wrapped in a polymer jacket, surrounded by a single stainless steel coil for crush resistance, another layer of poly, then covered with a tungsten braid for durability and abrasion resistance. Excessive articulation, rough handling, or accidental crushing are the most common causes of damage.

The 4mm diameter Hawkeye V3 is available in 1.5 and 3.0 meter lengths, and the 6mm diameter model is available in 1.5, 3.0, 6.0 and 8.0 lengths meters. 90 degree interchangeable close focus optical tips are optional. The smooth servo-driven articulation range

is +/- 180 degrees. The V3 can work continuously for 5 hours without requiring recharging. The V3 contains a built-in high efficiency Micro LED light source.

The first Hawkeye endoscopes were invented in 1995. Today, Gradient Lens manufactures and sells over 80 models of Hawkeye endoscopes, with industry-leading optical quality, construction and value. GP Agencies is the agent for Hawkeye Endoscopes in South Africa with endoscopes shipped on demand.

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