Russian motorhome based on Lada is one of the cheapest motorhomes in the world


There is no doubt that RVs and RV vacations are hot items right now, especially as the Northern Hemisphere is going through the summer months. Some of these machines can be quite expensive, but in Russia we found one of the cheapest new motorhomes we have seen. It is called Lada Niva Autodom and was developed by the Moscow company Lux Form.

This company, specializing in special projects on Russian cars, transformed the mythical Russian all-terrain vehicle into a motorhome with enough comfort to spend several days away from civilization.

The vehicle is 4.76 meters (15.4 feet) long, with a width of 1.74 meters (5.6 feet) and an overall height of 2.77 (9.1 feet) tall. It rides on a 110-inch wheelbase, making it a very compact, all-inclusive motorhome that really offers it all. The interior is configured with a sitting area for two, a folding table, a full kitchen that includes both a stove and a refrigerator, and yes, there is also a full bathroom with a toilet and shower. When it’s time to rest, the top bunk can accommodate two people while the lounge area converts into additional sleeping space.

The Niva RV holds 70 liters (15.4 gallons) of fresh water and 40 liters (8.8 gallons) of gray water. The stove works on gas; it carries a 5 kilogram (11 pound) tank and also has a heating system available for four-season use. When external power is not available, a 12V 70Ah gel battery is on board.

Lada Niva Motorhome

Under the skin everything is standard Lada Niva. That means a 1.7-liter gasoline engine producing 84 horsepower (63 kilowatts) connected to a five-speed manual transmission. It is not what you would call fast, or even extremely slow for that matter. But its four-wheel drive system with reduction means it can crawl to places off the beaten track that a two-wheel-drive RV couldn’t reach.

As for the price, the brave little motorhome starts at 1.6 million Russian rubles, which currently works out to around € 18,250 for European campers or around $ 21,400 in the United States. Of course, Lada’s aren’t sold in the US, and strict emissions regulations in Europe mean you can’t get it there, either. This means that this little Russian gem will remain a forbidden fruit for many RV enthusiasts around the world, although we suspect that some do-it-yourself camping enthusiasts might take a few notes on this clever compact design.

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