A podcast guide to sex, crime and scandals


When it comes to podcasts, the worlds of sex and real crime are spreading in all directions: from free online porn leading to a church collapse in a rural area. Adult movie stars find themselves caught in a social media scandal. Celebrity sex tapes changing the pop culture landscape. #MeToo stories bringing together women. From the multi-million dollar pornography trade to racketeering and murder, these podcasts are provocative, shocking and revealing.

butterfly-effect.jpgAuthor Jon Ronson takes a compelling look at the changes in the porn industry. His podcast, Butterfly Effect opens by explaining how tech companies have made pornography free in exchange for algorithms and data. Easily accessible platforms like Red Tube and You Porn use the information in ways that lead to all kinds of consequences. Ronson shows how porn, addiction, and technology permeates everyday life. The ripple effects are fascinating.

last-days-august.jpgRonson also tells the story of adult movie star August Ames, who committed suicide under mysterious circumstances in 2017. We learn that there is much more to his story than making you wonder what exactly went wrong. leads to its untimely demise. Her husband, porn producer Kevin Moore, attributes her death to cyberbullying. But Amber’s friends and colleagues have different theories. You get an intense look at the darker side of life for those who work in the porn industry.

a-valley.jpgTraci Lords is arguably the most popular and successful pornstar around. At 15, she started taking nude photos, eventually becoming the star of hard-core triple-X movies. Her family life was in turmoil and she suffered abuse. She claims to have been drawn to this world, but her colleagues and friends share a different point of view. Once upon a time look at how she was the subject of a massive FBI operation that almost destroyed the entire industry. Journalist Lili Anolik and porn historian Ashley West outline all the aspects, allowing you to draw your own conclusions.

starlet-of-death.jpgDorothy Stratten was the “it girl” of Playboy, becoming a rising star after being discovered while working at a Dairy Queen in Vancouver. Sleazy con artist Paul Snider polished her playoff looks, setting her up for a modeling career. Snider’s perseverance led Stratten to the pages of Playboy, films and television. In a fit of jealousy and rage, a murder-suicide ensues, brought on by his fast track to stardom. It’s gruesome and dark, but the Playboy Mansion scenes in the ’70s are a fun, naughty throwback.

welcome-to-fantasy.jpgPaul Snider, the man behind Dorothy Stratten’s career (and ultimately her murder), came up with the idea of ​​an exotic dance party at a club. Before his suicide, he introduced the concept to entrepreneur Steve Banerjee. He ran with it and teamed up with show producer Nick de Noia. They made Chippendales a worldwide success. In the ’80s, bow ties, body fat, and tight pants were featured on everything from Saturday Night Live at Phil donahue. Host Natalia Petrzela interviews former dancers and describes the business relationship that led to a shocking murder. It’s easily one of the funniest and most interesting podcasts of the year.

In the 90s, the Gold Club of Atlanta was America’s fanciest and most exclusive strip club, home to celebrities, renowned athletes and business executives. Champagne, sex and debauchery were offered every night until he was raided by the FBI for racketeering. Racket takes you behind the scenes of what really happened, and the Mafia ties, dancers, corruption and management that made it all happen. You will hear all the salacious stories that led to lawsuits that have made the headlines of the Gold Club for years.

tabloid-pam.jpgHow has an explicit sex tape changed sex in pop culture? Host Lux Alptraum examines how Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson’s romantic vacation kicked off decades of celebrity sex tapes. Their was the first of its kind, and it was a game changer. You’ll find out how the tape of America’s sexiest couple came out, what they did about it, and how it paved the way for others like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. Tabloid is a culturally relevant analysis with all the juicy details to back it up.

sale-john.jpgOne of the first true crime podcasts to become a TV miniseries is based on a love story that became psychopathic, and it’s not even half of it. Divorced interior designer Debra Newell was attractive, wealthy and single when she met John Meehan on a dating app. He looked nice at first, although a bit sketchy. The relationship evolved quickly, though Newell’s family grew increasingly suspicious. that of Christophe Goffard Los Angeles Times The investigation takes you on a mad rush of sex, obsessive love, crime and secrets that lead to a dramatic end you won’t see coming.

canary.jpgA rape case in the Washington, DC area leads to an unlikely link. When hairstylist Lauren Clark was sexually assaulted, the presiding judge gave the offender a light sentence. In Alabama, baker Carole Griffn learned of the case. She has had personal experience with this judge – she claims to have been sexually assaulted by him as a child. The unlikely bond brought women closer as they faced our complicated legal system, especially when it came to rape and sexual assault. Investigative reporter Amy Britton reports on this powerful project to The Washington Post, years in the making.

hunting-cosby.jpgIt’s hard not to have a visceral reaction to Bill Cosby’s recent release from prison. Nicki Weisensee Egan presents a detailed timeline of the rise and fall of “America’s Dad”. It starts with Andrea Constand, who exposed how he would force women, make them feel special, and then drug and rape them. You will hear the stories of the victims as they detail the predatory behavior that has ruined their lives. There is some rationale, however, as statute of limitations laws are changed due to victim activism. This highlights the #MeToo movement even though Cosby’s recent freedom appears to be waning.

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