Texan contracts: 5 that can cash


Every season is a contract year in one way or another for the majority of NFL players. Few players can end one season knowing for sure they’ll be back the next.

But looking at it more literally, each team will have dozens of players looking to win a new contract, with a select few eyeing more money than most.

For the Houston Texans, they enter the season with no less than 50 players with deals that will expire after this season. Naturally, that includes a lot of those who won’t be in the 2021 roster, let alone next season.

However, with GM Nick Caserio apparently using this year as a chance to see which players could build blocks around which to build his new Texans look for the future, a few potentially key elements of this plan must impress in 2021 if they are to stay. a cornerstone for moving forward.

1) S Justin Reid

Drafted by the Texans in 2018, Reid quickly made his mark in Houston by forming an impressive duo with Tyrann Mathieu in safety. Reid’s leadership and maturity stood out from day one as did his ability to play on the court. And although he has had to face his fair share of injuries, he has remained productive and has shown many flashes of his abilities.

Arguably held back last season by the lack of productivity around him, hopefully a change in defensive scheme and much of the playing staff in 2021 will take some of the pressure off Reid and allow him to focus on his career. profession and earn the top 5 (in his position) his salary and the long term deal he deserves to move forward.

2) WR Keke Coutee

Coutee has impressed at times during his rookie campaign despite a lingering hamstring injury, including a first 109-yard performance against the Indianapolis Colts, followed by a 110-yard game against the Colts in the playoffs. However, he seemed unable to build momentum in 2019. He returned to the roster, helped by injuries to his teammates, in 2021 and put in some impressive performances, including a 141-yard game against… you l ‘ve guessed. .. the Colts.

The capacity is definitely there, but it needs to be more constant. Not to mention that he needs more luck to stay healthy.

If he can quickly partner up with the one who ends up starting as a quarterback this year and surpassing more experienced Randall Cobb to start in the slot machine, then he could still save his Texas career.

3) CB Desmond King

A newcomer to the Texans this year, King addresses a need that has been continually tapped into 2020. Houston sorely needed depth and quality at the cornerback last season, and the arrival of a former All-Pro cornerback in King could be whatever the doctor ordered.

If King can return to his 2018 form, it would lighten Bradley Roby’s shoulders and allow the Texans to move him outside while King works on the inside. On paper, a solid plan, but it depends entirely on King coming back to himself.

If it can, then this Texan regime should learn from the mistakes of its predecessors and keep a grip on its stellar defensive backs.

4) TE Jordan Akins

It is somewhat counter-intuitive to talk about a player who is nearing the end of his rookie contract … at 29 years old. But that’s the case for this former baseball player, who has been solid for the Texans during his three years in the league so far.

Of course, there is a “but” here. While his ability to gain yards after contact was one of his strengths, consistency was not. 2020 started off promisingly for Akins before he was forced to miss three injured games, after which his season was eventful.

Given that the Texans not only drafted promising tight end Brevin Jordan this year, but also signed three veterans, it seems clear the position is up for grabs. Akins will need to impress this training camp and find his rhythm this season if he is to land a new contract in Houston.

5) RB Phillip Lindsay

It’s been a tough situation for the Houston running back, really since Arian Foster left in 2016. Lamar Miller was solid, if somewhat boring and people like Alfred Blue and Duke Johnson have been involved here and there, but the Texans haven’t had an unusual comeback since Foster.

Last season was supposed to be the year of return for former All-Pro David Johnson after arriving from the Arizona Cardinals via a trade that saw DeAndre Hopkins head the other way, but it wasn’t not for Johnson.

Granted, he had three solid games to end the season, but overall he looked like a shadow of himself. This Caserio offseason has seen Mark Ingram and Rex Burkhead compete with other veterans, but given that the three are on the wrong side of the 30s, they’re not the long-term solution.

Lindsay is still just 26 years old and just one year away from running for over 1,000 yards for the Denver Broncos in her first two seasons in the league.

If he’s able to regain his form, the Texans may have finally found their replacement Foster.

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