A dream Spanish island in the heart of Camps Bay


The grains of soft white sand between your toes, endless blue waters and beautiful contemporary architecture. No, this is not a villa nestled on an idyllic Spanish island, but somewhere a little closer to home.

Villa Aven is a little slice of paradise nestled in the heart of Camps Bay, offering guests mesmerizing views of the Atlantic Ocean and beyond. This eight bedroom villa offers a serious island vibe with simple and precise interior design – no frills when the views are so incredible! Feast your eyes on some of Cape Town’s eye candy with Lions Head and Camps Bay Beach offering epic panoramic views. These can be enjoyed while lounging on the most comfortable lounge chairs or floating in the expansive infinity pool. Does it sound heavenly? He is.

There is no doubt that this villa exudes luxury vacation charm and is a great option when you are looking for a glamorous vacation. Grab a few friends and a bottle of champagne while soaking up the serene atmosphere that emanates from this space. If you want to live the luxurious lifestyle, you might as well walk the nine meters.

Each room has a luxurious private bathroom (no shared showers for you), a fully stocked minibar, and incredible views of the ocean, mountains and the city below. This Mediterranean dream in the heart of Cape Town will set you back around R60,000 per night, but that’s a small price to pay for pure luxury.

Don’t believe us?

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Escape to Villa Verte, a luxurious villa in the heart of Mother Nature

Photo: Villas in Cape Town

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