Sunderland Classified School ready for massive expansion


A school in Sunderland could benefit from new and improved catering and educational facilities as part of city council planning proposals.

In recent weeks, Sunderland City Council has filed an application with its own planning department for the Grade II listed Barnes Primary and Secondary School buildings off Mount Road.

This included plans for a new building housing dining rooms and a kitchen, a mix of teaching spaces and breakout rooms, and several external teaching terraces on upper floors.

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New “connecting bridges” are also proposed to connect the new building to the existing schools, alongside the associated exterior works.

According to council planning documents, the new dining block is expected to replace the existing unclassified dining hall which is to be demolished.

The proposals would also retain access to the school and existing parking lots while providing a shared building with flexible teaching spaces both indoor and outdoor.

A design and access statement adds that the development would be used by both kindergartens and secondary schools, which share the same site.

It reads: “The proposals for the new restaurant block and additional outdoor play areas will help meet the demands of the local area’s future growth, while providing accessible educational facilities for existing schools and spaces for children. ‘additional flexible learning to adapt to other program activities. currently not available.

Plans for the new building on site have been filed by the People’s Directorate of the council and a final decision is expected by the end of October 2021.

A statement in support of the council’s planning and heritage says the existing dining hall is “no longer considered fit for its purpose” with proposals designed to “maximize the potential of the site as an educational resource while by respecting and improving the surrounding heritage assets “.

Designs include dining and kitchen and group rooms on the ground floor, three flexible teaching spaces and an outdoor terrace on the first floor and an outdoor roof terrace with elevator and stair access to the second stage.

The planning statement goes on to say, “Due to the fact that the site is a very constrained urban site, outdoor spaces are limited and expensive.

“The program therefore took the opportunity to incorporate additional accessible vertical outdoor learning spaces in the first and second floor attics to maximize the use and versatility of the new building. “

If approved, the existing schools would remain operational during the construction period and once the replacement dining block is built, the connecting links would be installed.

As the number of students would remain unchanged, the council said there was no need for additional staff or parking for visitors.

In addition, the new space could be used independently for school holidays.
disposal and community use if necessary.

For more information on the application or to follow its progress, visit here and research planning reference: 21/01696 / LP3

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