Back from the dead and on stage, this 500 HP DeLorean is up for grabs


We’ve told you the sad story of automaker DeLorean, and we know its main problem was the heavy bodywork and lazy 130hp European V6 engine. At the time, the former GM executive thought installing a powertrain designed and built by Peugeot, Renault and Volvo would be a good idea. Well, it wasn’t. This horsepower was simply not enough for this car. As the owner of this DeLorean said: “With the original engine, once I ran a moped, and it was close.”

This particular car spent almost two decades in storage before Nick bought it and started working on it. Once the car was ready, it was shocking news for everyone. We wrote about it on self-evolution also. Matt Farah from TheSmokingTire YouTube channel drove him around and he was stunned. He noticed that in third gear, the speedometer was moving faster than the tachometer. but how did it happen? What has been changed?

Otsuka Maxwell Design built the car in San Diego. It started with taking the car apart and cleaning it. The idea was to build the fastest DeLorean ever, but that posed more problems. Firstly, it is a very heavy car due to its stainless steel body. Then the chassis can’t handle too well and, as Matt noticed, the take-off oversteer is still there. Finally, even though the host of YouTube channel TheSmokingTire is a big guy, he struggled a bit with the steering, which isn’t assisted.

It was the only part that remained, most of the time, intact. The manufacturer had extensive experience in restoring Ferrari, which sports a similar mid-engined construction. That’s why he upgraded the suspension and installed coil springs in every corner, as well as Ferrari 348 Challenge disc brakes. This is why they are split and not pierced. These could fit inside the original 15 inch light alloy rims.

But the real beast was under the hood, where OMD made a work of art. He stuck a Kia Stinger engine behind the cab. This twin-turbo V6 has also been modified to the max. Instead of the direct fuel injection system, he placed one with orifice. It ditched the standard turbochargers and replaced them with a pair of Garret T25 units. After that, a pair of intercoolers was added on the top side. The original engine featured variable valve timing, which was also discontinued for this project. As a latest addition, OMD designed and built a custom aluminum air intake.

It was obvious that DeLorean’s standard gearbox couldn’t handle the transmission’s 390 lb-ft (530 Nm) of torque. Thus, a manual six-speed Porsche 911 (996.2) has taken its place. It also added a limited slip differential to send power to the rear wheels. A dynotest run (attached in the photo gallery) shows 487 whp! That’s more than 500 hp at the crankshaft.

But what’s beautiful about the design of this car is the interior, which looks almost stock. OMD researched a pair of Recaro sport bucket seats from the 1980s and refurbished them with leather. In addition, the dashboard, door cards and center console have all been restored to their original appearance, or even better, I might add. On the central console, he left the tape recorder intact! I know you can hardly find a tape at the thrift store. Yet OMD left it in place. Even the dials and gauges are original. The only exception is a turbo-gauge mounted in front of the shifter, which sports the refurbished original DeLorean gear knob.

At the time of this writing, the stock posted on Bring a Trailer had already reached $ 100,000, with five days to go. A die-hard DeLorean fan will truly understand and appreciate the Back to the Future franchise hero car.

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