LLDS wraps its “cuboid house” with a robotic-generated gray brick skin


the CUBOIDE house

australian studio LLDS is completing a gray brick house in melbourne, dubbed the “cuboid house”. with its black and white interior, the project was designed with the influence of the avant-garde work of russian artist kazimir malevich. in designing the house, the team started with a solid mass that was sculpted and shaped to meet the busy main road and the domestic nature of life towards the garden.

Cuboid house perched on the slope of a leafy suburban neighborhood raised off a busy main road. Designed for a united family with young adults living at home, the project takes the form of two self-contained sleeping areas so that the family can enjoy living together and apart. the layout sees a series of deep thresholds or anterooms, finished in black to demarcate the thresholds between private spaces.

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a digital arts and crafts approach

with the construction of his cubic house, the architects at LLDS combine conventional construction techniques with advanced robotic technology. these advanced methods were used for details such as specialized masonry, brass chandeliers, and kitchen joinery. these components are robotically milled and sculpted in the architect’s fabrication shop, which works alongside the design studio. the project explores a digital arts and crafts approach to design and build a home that reflects contemporary domesticity.

LLDS Cuboid House

solid and empty

the cuboid house designed by LLDS draws its organization from the classic logic of the nine-square grid. rather than using frame and infill, the team explores internal organization through solid and void. the cubes are brought together and the voids are sculpted using architectural elements of extruded arches and the staircase profile – the typical motif of domesticity.

like Malevich’s artwork from which the design was inspired, these elements are black in color and plated with brass against the white walls. black color is used to mark the entire private territory of the house – bathrooms, utilities and bedrooms. the kitchen and dining area, with its striking black and white colors, form the functional heart of the house, which leads to the back patio.

LLDS Cuboid House LLDS wraps its “cuboid house” in a robot-generated gray brick envelope LLDS wraps its “cuboid house” in a robot-generated gray brick envelope

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