Club Nine Pets takes pet luxury to a whole new modern level

Looking to raise your dog’s bed? Want to make sure this pet bed fits into your more modern decor? Then you might need Club Nine Pets in your life.

With Club Nine Pets you get high quality, exclusive and limited edition dog beds that take comfort to the next level. But not only that, but these products are designed to fit perfectly into your current interior design motif.

Since these beds cost around $ 1,499 each, they won’t necessarily suit everyone. But, if you’re willing to drop around $ 1,500 for quality, comfort, and style, then Club Nine Pets has got you a modern collection of pet beds that could easily pass as your own furniture.

Club Nine Pets brings modern luxury to our dog beds

Glamorous style bedroom in white and gray, with king size bed and large window

From the press email we received regarding the launch of these dog beds,

Our exclusive Healopedic Comfort orthopedic beds are designed for ultimate comfort and support. Provide dogs with a true improved orthopedic sleep experience for better overall health.

Helps reduce stress on joints by evenly distributing and balancing a dog’s weight to help dogs feel more rested and energized for better mobility, jumping and climbing.

These dog beds are designed to be durable while being fashionable. And that’s not all, as there are a number of styles, fabric choices and even colors available which is amazing for all of us who envision these beds as an addition to our home decor.

While Club Nine Pets brings luxury with their limited edition $ 1,499 beds, these aren’t the only pieces you can choose from. In fact, they have a range of beds in a more affordable price range, including beds starting at $ 160.

Whichever bed you choose, your puppy will have the best night’s sleep yet. And U.S. too.

How do we feel about these modern and luxurious dog beds? Would you spend that much on a bed for your puppy? We want to know.

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