OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Limited Edition: enough to convince fans to splurge

Harry Potter fans would appreciate the finer touches of the OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Limited Edition smartwatch. This is what it is. One of the rarest and most unambiguous tech products we’ve seen in quite some time.

You know exactly what audience they are targeting. And they were made just for that. The OnePlus watch that has seen a special edition before, the Cobalt Edition, does enough to get Harry Potter fans excited. Notice, this is not a bunch of wallpapers in all disguise.

The regular OnePlus Watch currently costs a price tag of ??14,999 before promotions and offers. The OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Limited Edition comes with a slight premium – it’s priced at ??16,999 and that’s the price the regular OnePlus Watch left with the price recalibration.

Everything else stays pretty much as it should, on the spec sheet and feature list. The innards are the same. What has changed is the exterior and new software elements added to complete the Harry Potter experience.

It feels better than the default too, right off the bat. The vegan leather strap is better to look at and worth the money because it hugs your wrist, than a silicone strap (commonly known as sports bracelets) that anyone can handle. The watch case is not exactly beige or brown or a shade of gold. Depending on the angle of the light reflecting on its chiseled contours, it alternates between copper and brown inspired by a generous touch of red. The leather strap is a nice darker contrast, giving this watch the kind of sophistication that the Cobalt Edition also did very well.

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The little things make a difference – there is now a lightning bolt on the power button. The leather strap has the Hogwarts crest embossed while the clasp bears the Harry Potter inscription. If you’ve been wondering until now if this could be a true collector’s edition for fans, it should gently push you towards conviction.

The rounded dial, the somewhat flush hardware touches on the side of the dial, the curved glass, and the way it all fits together are nice to look at. Underneath, the part that touches your skin is still plastic as before.

Turn it on and you will now have a choice of six new special Harry Potter watch faces – the Hogwarts badge, the castle and four of what you will recognize as the houses of Hogwarts – Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Slytherin and Hufflepuff. In our opinion, the badge is best in combination with the watch case, bracelet and accentuates the black levels that this display can replicate. You will also see a new charging animation every time you place the OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Limited Edition on the charger.

When it comes to hardware, everything under this screen is just like every other OnePlus watch. That means you see the same 1.39-inch AMOLED display that we think balances richness and visibility well, 4GB of internal storage, always-on display mode, water resistance ratings, and the full lineup. expected health tracking features including heart. rate data, blood oxygen monitoring and over 110 preset exercise modes to get started. Which makes us wonder, would you really want to soak this beautiful watch in a sweat?

The good thing is that the battery life should still be around a week on a single charge, with the always-on display turned off.

You need the OnePlus Health app on your Android phone to set it up and use it, which means Apple iPhone users continue to be kept away from this Harry Potter loop of goodness. . Revenge for all those years teasing the world of Android phones with the Apple Watch?

It can be difficult to stop Harry Potter fans from splurging. From the limited-edition box packaging that separates to give the illusion of Diagon Alley to the little things OnePlus has done inside and out, the OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Limited Edition has enough to justify it. genuine consideration as a limited piece of racing.

A collector’s item. And if someone doesn’t agree, you can always rest easy knowing that only true fans would understand the value.

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