The Bristol Press – “This will be a big boon for Bristol”: City leaders receive update, consider major addition to DoubleTree by Hilton

BRISTOL – Dr Gerald Niznick has invited city leaders to see his plans for a major addition to DoubleTree by Hilton – a 50,000 square foot addition currently under construction and slated for completion in January 2023.

Niznick, a Las Vegas entrepreneur, and his team of architects hosted a presentation Monday for Mayor Jeff Caggiano, members of city council and the city’s economic development leaders. The presentation provided an overview of the project and showed architectural renderings of the completed building, inside and out.

Following the presentation, city leaders were taken to DoubleTree’s Presidential Suite where they could admire the new building being constructed on six acres of land behind the existing hotel.

Caggiano said it was “very important” to support projects like this, which he said will bring many people to Bristol.

“It will be a big boon for Bristol,” he said. “It was exciting to see his size and what he will look like when finished. I can’t wait to see many events happening here. I can’t believe it will be finished in just a year.

When the $ 25 million project is complete, the Home2 Suites building will have four floors and will be made of steel and concrete, with an EIFS stucco facade. It will connect to the existing building.

The top three floors of the new building will be guest rooms, with the first floor housing a reception area and meeting rooms. There will be a main ballroom, with a 32 foot high ceiling and a dance floor. This area can be split in half to accommodate multiple events at the same time.

City Councilor Andrew Howe said it was “amazing” to see how the project was unfolding.

“After Nuchie’s closed, people had to go to the Aqua Turf club for something like that,” he said. “This building opening will bring a lot of business back to Bristol.”

Additional facilities will include a gym, a buffet area, a kitchen area, a bar connected to the indoor and outdoor dining areas, a laundry room, a conference room for 24 people, a dining room, a billiard room, a hall. conference room for 40 people. people, a conference room for 12 people and an outdoor patio with a fireplace and a putting green. There will also be several 20 foot television screens.

There will be parking spaces for 250 people, plus underground parking for an additional 110 people. The new building will also feature a 12-foot stainless steel sculpture with a stylized B and C intertwined to represent Bristol, Connecticut.

Niznick said he envisions the new building as a “convention hotel”.

“You’ve heard of the saying ‘if you build it they’ll come’,” he said. “This is especially true if you build it better than anyone else. This project was a real team effort.

The Vice-President of the Council of Commissioners for Economic and Community Development, Howard Schmelder, said he was “astonished” by what he saw during the presentation. He served on the Council of Commissioners for Economic and Community Development for 48 years and said he also voted in favor of DoubleTree’s initial arrival in Bristol.

“Now you won’t have to go all the way to Hartford to find a hotel,” he said. “It will be a very large complex. It’s going to be phenomenal.

Lynn Dell, managing director of DoubleTree by Hilton, said the addition would be a great fit for the city.

“After covid people will be looking to come into a space like this with bigger rooms,” she said. “And they can also come from the DoubleTree side to enjoy our pool and the TimeOut Sports & Pizza Bar.”

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