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Unpacking, a game where gamers do just that, was one of the most surprising yet delightful indie games of 2021. It takes gamers through a series of life arrangements, starting with one’s bedroom. child and going through an entire house. But as the game progresses, players quickly learn that they are unwrapping a character’s boxes during the years 1997 to 2018, analyzing him at different stages of his life, such as going to college, mourn a breakup or raise children.


What possibly is more important about watching the game in retrospect, however, did Unpacking brought a new method of storytelling to the mainstream light. On the one hand, video games are packed with action, weapons, blood, and gore, immersing players in fantastical worlds on other planets or filled with zombies. This would put games like Unpacking and A little to the left on the other hand, to put a magnifying glass on the most mundane tasks that a person can accomplish but in a satisfactory framework.

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What’s a little left?

A little to the left started as a small project on itch.io which consisted of a handful of puzzles. But in March, the team known as Max Inferno announced they were going to shoot A little to the left in a complete set. Originally the developers planned for a 2021 release, but it looks like it has since been pushed back to next year. However, this will give Max Inferno more time to add intriguing elements such as additional puzzles, new features, and a “more cohesive narrative thread”. Considering what Unpacking could do with an activity so simple that most people normally find tedious, the last piece is certainly exciting to hear.

Fortunately, for players who might be hesitant about a game like this, a demo is currently available for free on itch.io, which is actually just the original project. It’s short and cool, but it’s a great look at the kind of gameplay fans can expect from another organization indie game.

With pastel colors and pleasant sound effects, A little to the left tasks players with organizing a series of everyday items from messy and messy piles into neat collections. The demo features a handful of levels, although it’s likely that the full version of the game will get more complicated as it progresses, as it’s a puzzle game too. It is not always clear what the objectives of the levels in A little to the left are, a bit like in Unpacking where it is not always clear where exactly the objects are supposed to be placed or stored.

The demo itself is simple and easy: it starts with a series of colored pencils that need to be lined up, but there’s a good order, so it’s a bit more than just moving them “a bit to the left. “, of cours. To determine where their designated locations are, players can match the tips of the pencils with colorful engravings, and they will be rewarded with a satisfying melody when placed correctly. At later levels, however, tasks become more blurry, for example, how the stack of papers or the stack of sticky notes should be organized.

Unfortunately, it will be a little while before players can get their hands on a longer version of A little to the left. It’s slated for release in August 2022, but for now fans will just have to sign it up on Steam and play the demo.

A little to the left is currently in development for Mobile, PC and Switch.

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