The Sol Eclipse travel trailer boasts quality construction and a well-defined interior

Folks, what you are looking at is the Sol Eclipse, a travel trailer from no other inTech RV. If this name sounds familiar to you, it’s because we’ve already featured some of their works here on self-evolution.

For years, inTech RV has been known for producing top-of-the-line recreational vehicles to provide its customers with fully equipped homes that can stand the test of time. By using quality materials and construction techniques, this team was able to set themselves apart from other manufacturers of off-grid homes.

Like most other caravans, Eclipse is available in several packages. The first package is Base and the second, Rover, Rover being the most suitable version for off-roading. To make things easier to understand, I’m going to focus my attention on Base and leave a little bit of mystery in the air regarding Rover.

One manufacturing technique that sets inTech RVs apart from most other manufacturers is that they build each trailer around a fully welded aluminum cage. This provides a solid base to secure the remaining components without weighing down the structure too much. Best of all, aluminum is great for fighting the elements.

A fiberglass siding and one-piece roof construction make up what you see on the outside. Add R7 bubble sheet insulation in the walls and ceiling, throw the structure on a Dexter Torsion axle, and you’re ready with a trailer with a maximum dry weight of 2,775 lbs (1,258 kg), depending on the included specs. . A GVWR 3,500 lb (1,587 kg) provides plenty of cargo space. Overall, the Eclipse Base is 112 inches (284.5 centimeters) high and 102 inches (259 centimeters) wide, with a body occupying 84 inches (213 centimeters).

With the body aside, we can focus on the inside of Eclipse. If you haven’t taken a look at the gallery yet, now is a good time as it will make everything I mention a little easier to understand.

Upon entering Eclipse, the first thing I noticed were clear, well-defined spaces. The bedroom is located at the back of the unit and doubles as the dining area. When you are ready to sleep, like most other trailers of this type, you will set up your mattress using a table.

In the center of Eclipse, but installed along the port wall, a wet bath awaits you with a porcelain toilet, an adjustable shower head and an accessory net. A roof vent helps keep the space nice and dry, as does the exterior sealing door. 20 gallons (76 liters) of fresh water will feed your shower, but also the kitchen.

The one space that appealed to me the most was the kitchen. Since I am a foodie, I had the pleasure of finding a wraparound counter with more surface than I have at home; to whip up whatever you want. A two-burner stove, stainless steel microwave, and large farmhouse sink seem like all you need to keep two to three people alive. A refrigerator sits against the bathroom wall to keep it cool. With tons of cupboards and hanging cupboards, space to store gear, food, utensils, and whatever else you need will be readily available.

Other interior features include a Bluetooth stereo with speakers, 16,000 BTU furnace, 13.5 BTU air conditioning, 6 gallon electric or gas water heater and plenty of LED lighting. USB and 12 volt outlets are also part of the basic set. Some light will enter the trailer through the massive window in the front and the smaller ones on the sides.

Are you looking for things like solar power? Well, Eclipse is ready for plug and play systems so don’t worry. Want more than that? Just let inTech know what features you want and they will do their best to build your dream trailer. Bring some extra cash, however.

So how much do you think this gem will earn you? Well, you’re considering a starting MSRP of $ 34,230 (EUR 30,459 at current exchange rates). It sounds like a trailer to consider if you are ever looking for a machine ready for an adventure.

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