10 of the best local restaurants Courtlin ate in 2021 [PHOTOS]

If you follow my Instagram account CourtlinMangeIowa, so you know I’ve visited a ton of restaurants this year, old and new!

In the fall of 2020, I made it my mission to visit a local restaurant for lunch every Friday. I noticed that I was constantly eating in the same places and wanted to mix things up a bit, but the main goal was always to support as many local restaurants as possible. The pandemic has not been good for small businesses, so I wanted to do my part to help them stay open. By sharing photos of all my delicious meals on social media, I hope I have inspired a few others to do the same.

It was incredibly difficult to choose restaurants, but I managed to come up with a list with ten of my absolute favorites that I have eaten at this year. I must have left a lot of good ones out, but you can always check my Instagram for more pics! Here are the ten that I chose:

10 of the best local restaurants Courtlin ate in 2021

Spent 2021 eating at LOTS of local restaurants in eastern Iowa! Here are photos of 10 of my favorite places!

We also ate at some awesome places for listeners lunch this year! Runt’s Snacks, Chrome horse, Wild pigs, by Biaggi, and the Class law all greeted us with open arms and excellent food. You can consult the photos of all our 2021 lunches HERE.

What’s your favorite local restaurant you’ve eaten at this year? Give them a shout in the comments!

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