Jackson Business Briefs December 20, 2021

Alro Plastics acquires Johnson Plastics

Alro Plastics is delighted to announce the acquisition of Johnson Plastics in Evansville, Indiana on December 17, 2021. This asset purchase will allow Alro to expand its customer base while providing improved service for plastic and machined parts on measure. Johnson Plastics customers will now have access to Alro Plastics’ extensive inventory of general engineering and high performance rod, tube, plate, sheet and profile.

Johnson Plastics was founded in 1995, specializing in the design and engineering of products to meet the needs of their customers. Their innovative product offerings include custom plastic manufacturing and vacuum forming. They are a distributor of engineering sheets and plastics, plastic films, packaging products and industrial supplies. The Johnson Plastics team led by Richie Johnson will join Alro and continue to provide quality materials and machined parts with excellent customer service.

Alro Steel acquires Ace Steel

Alro Steel is pleased to announce the acquisition of Ace Steel in Roanoke, Virginia. This asset purchase will allow Alro to expand our customer base while providing improved service for custom cut metals and plastics. Ace Steel customers will now have access to Alro’s extensive inventory, including aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, tool steel, cast iron, red metals, alloys and plastics.

Ace Steel was founded in 1992 as a steel distributor serving the Roanoke Valley in Virginia. We are delighted that the Ace Steel team is joining Alro and continuing to provide quality materials with excellent customer service. Both Alro and Ace Steel are focused on exceeding our customers’ expectations through superior service and exceptional teamwork.

TRUE Community Credit Union to relocate Parnall branch

TRUE Community Credit Union announces the relocation of its Country Market branch on Parnall Road in Jackson, MI, to a new stand-alone site at the corner of Parnall Road and Lansing Avenue. to Jackson. The new site will be 3,290 square feet and will feature improved technology to make it more accessible to members.

In addition to the current branch functionality available to members, the site will include four express kiosks with drive-thru access. Members will use the Express Desks to communicate with a real community credit union teller via video during business hours. Express Teller ATMs can also be used as 24-hour ATMs.

“We are delighted to expand our footprint and better serve our current and future members in the Northwest region,” said Chrissy Siders, President / CEO. “While self-service capabilities meet many of the basic needs of our members, there is still an innate need for them to be able to visit a full-service branch for financial advice. WWe continue to grow as more and more people partner with TRUE Community Credit Union to write a life story that is beyond their imagination, and for that we are incredibly grateful.

TRUE Community Credit Union intends to begin construction in 2022 and plans to open the new location in 2023.

Consumers Energy joins the Coalition for Electric Highways

The Edison Electric Institute announced that more than 50 energy suppliers have joined the National Electric Highway Coalition. Consumers Energy is part of the coalition, reflecting the company’s leadership in electric vehicles and its commitment to the rapid charging of electric vehicles, creating a network from coast to coast.

In Michigan, Consumers Energy has already supplied 33 fast-charging points for EVs (see map). Consumers plan to increase that number to 200 over the next three years.

Consumer energy last month also announced a target to power 1 million electric vehicles by 2030 in their service territory, which spans most of the Lower Peninsula outside of the Detroit Metro.

Jackson Community Foundation adds new fund

The Jackson Community Foundation (JCF) Board of Trustees is pleased to welcome the Georgia and Travis Fojtasek Legacy Fund to its portfolio of over 400 funds working together to strengthen and build Jackson County.

“Fojtaseks’ commitment to making Jackson County a better place today and tomorrow for all of its citizens illustrates who we are as an organization,” said Monica Moser, President and CEO. “The Fojtaseks have worked and lived in this community and have chosen to give back in a meaningful way to help ensure the sustainability of Jackson County for generations to come.”

“We moved from Texas to Michigan over 30 years ago to live in an area with four great seasons. Over time, as our love for the Jackson community and its people grew, we realized that it had become our home. Our decision to stay here has been reaffirmed time and time again as our friends, neighbors and coworkers have become more closely linked to the fabric of our lives, enriching our experiences in so many ways, ”said Georgia and Travis. “We are inspired to focus our investments where we live to help create lasting improvements in community vitality and well-being, especially for our most vulnerable and often neglected citizens. In our professional lives, we have met visionary and determined people who have a collective impact that leads to transformational change. We chose to invest with the Jackson Community Foundation because we believe they share this vision. Through collaboration, it leverages community resources, especially where the needs are great and funding sources may be limited. We are convinced that JCF will be a good partner to make important contributions to our community. “

Georgia and Travis chose Grow Jackson to receive their first grant. Grow Jackson’s mission is to increase community access to fresh, healthy food for Jackson’s residents through community gardens and by saving food that would be thrown away and distributing it to those in need. .

“Grow Jackson is incredibly grateful to the Fojtasek family for this grant which will be of huge benefit in feeding our most vulnerable citizens this holiday season and to help expand our fresh food initiative in 2022,” said Jacob Inosencio, president of Grow Jackson. “It takes collaboration from different angles of an issue to solve it and we are committed to working with our residents, area nonprofits and leaders to end food insecurity. We believe that having everyone with access to fresh food is a big step towards equity in Jackson County ”.

If you would like to donate to this fund or find out more about our other charitable funds, go to www.jacksoncf.org or call today to find out how to start your own donor-advised fund.

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