NSW Police Give Major Warning to NYE Parties in Aim of Crushing Short Stay Mayhem

Short-term accommodation has been ransacked across Sydney during wild parties. Here is the shocking damage caused by uncontrollable events.

New South Wales revelers have been warned to behave in short-term accommodation during the holiday season as police crack down on bad behavior.

The advocacy comes amid an increase in ransacked rentals caused by uncontrollable rallies that more often lead to calls to the police.

Pictures released by NSW Police show the full extent of the chaos with homes hit by thousands of dollars in damage.

Blood is visible on the beds and walls in one photo while another shows destroyed outlets and shattered windows.

Amid the chaos in Sydney was an altercation between two groups of 20 people at a rally in Schofields.

Both groups refused to speak to police or riot squad members present.

Every room in the four bedroom property suffered damage along with multiple holes in the walls, broken windows and furniture, damage to kitchen appliances and a broken fence. Several items were also reportedly stolen from the house.

Another incident at Wentworth Point saw 16 revelers arrive armed with knives, hammers and sticks before a scuffle broke out.

An 18-year-old girl was later reportedly hit on the head with a bottle and cut her feet on broken glass.

NSW Police Alcohol Crime Sponsor Assistant Commissioner Peter Thurtell has appealed to rental landlords in an attempt to cancel similar wild parties.

“Police are concerned about the growing number of incidents of public disorder, where houses are severely damaged and the safety of participants and the community at large is threatened,” he said.

“Anyone who is disrespectful enough to trash someone else’s property obviously wouldn’t care about a corporate ban on parties, so the responsibility for protecting property lies primarily with the owner.

“If you are renting out your property, we encourage you to form strong relationships with neighbors who can keep you up to date with the activity involved.

It comes after Airbnb tried to crack down on New Years holidays by making it more difficult to book accommodation to stay on December 31 and January 1.

Airbnb users who do not have a history of positive reviews will be barred from making overnight reservations across all listing listings.

These users will also face strict restrictions on two-night bookings which Airbnb believes could pose a risk of holiday “disruption”, including the inability to make some local and last-minute bookings.

Customers who have a history of positive reviews will not be subject to these restrictions.

The rules are part of Airbnb’s indefinite global ban on parties and events on its lists, which has been in effect since August last year and includes a cap of 16 guests.

The restrictions on New Years Eve bookings were tested in 2020 and have been reintroduced for a second year.

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