Kirkwood Architects Reconfigure 1928 Home for Modern Family Living | Home & Garden

By Amy Burger Special at Post-Dispatch

It often takes a solid vision to see the potential of an older home with an imperfect layout. For Jonathan and Katie Wirth, having degrees in architecture made them imagine what their Kirkwood home from 1928 might be like. Katie had noticed that the house, in the Corona Park neighborhood, was listed online in early 2015, but it was quickly withdrawn from the market. It was relisted in April of the same year and she quickly contacted her real estate agent.

Katie and Jonathan Wirth have reworked the first floor of their old Kirkwood home to reflect a more modern use of space. Video by Hillary Levin

“What I liked about this neighborhood was that it was so close to the school and the park. I was very impressed because the original houses in this neighborhood all have that storybook charm, ”says Katie.

What wasn’t charming was the dated and confined layout of the house. The kitchen was tiny and closed, tucked away at the back of the house. When Katie went to see him with her two young daughters, their agent just shook his head and said it would never work for them.

“I said, ‘Well, this has to work because I want to live in this place; this house is at the right price, and it’s the right square footage for us. I went home and started drawing. … It was that night that I had the idea to take the larger bedroom apart and make it into a kitchen, ”Katie remembers.

After Jonathan returned with her to look at the house, he said, “OK, show me these pictures.” With his architectural eye, he got to see how this could work and told Katie they should go.

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